Digital personnel file and digital human resources (HR) management

The rapid development of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Big Data, automation, robotics, social media, real-time communication and the increasing use of virtual reality is bringing new challenges and opportunities to the HR department. As a result, digital transformation is impacting the way HR roles/functions can be performed using digital tools and applications for process innovation, decision making and problem solving.

Digitalization requires a rethinking of established HR practices and the development of new competencies to help ensure employee wellbeing and organizational sustainability in the digital era.

Digital personnel file

Moving from paper (analog) to digital employee files increases the efficiency of your day-to-day work. A digital employee personnel file brings together all documents and data for each employee in one place. All workflows and approval processes related to employment contracts, references, HR master data and other employee information can be managed directly in the digital employee personnel file.

The Solvedio ePF (electronic personnel file) solution can be created in the Solvedio platform, which can be integrated to any other solution, e.g. SAP, SuccessFactors, etc. The Solvedio platform is fully compatible with Office 365 or other commonly used environments in enterprises.

There is no need for expensive and time-consuming programming. Our consultants fully customize Solvedio to the customer's needs = you don't adapt to the solution, the solution adapts to you

Key HR expertise:

Digitalization of complex or partial HR processes

Consolidation and processing of HR data

Integrations and extensions of HR systems (SAP, SuccessFactors ...)

HR controlling, analysis and reporting

Performance management

Collaboration of HR, back-office, business and workflows

HR planning and modelling

Our satisfied customers

Our company and experts have been dealing with the digitalization of HR issues for a long time. Our satisfied customers include:

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