IT modernization and DevOps practices

The importance of IT modernization lies in the use of modern technologies to grow the business and expand and meet business goals. It doesn't matter if your company operates in the financial or automotive sector. 

Modern versus Classic IT

Classic IT is device-centric rather than user-centric. Devices are owned by the enterprise, and we only allow them to connect to the corporate network and access enterprise applications and services. However, this approach is very restrictive in many cases. These limits have been made even more apparent by the pandemic and the need for flexibility at work. 

Moderné IT reaguje na obmedzenia klasických prístupov. Zameriava sa na používateľa, berie do úvahy to, že zamestnanci často pracujú na viacerých zariadeniach. Aplikácie sa doručujú modernejším spôsobom a majú tak tendenciu byť prístupné, aj keď sú koncoví používatelia mimo podnikovej siete. Podporuje agilnú a flexibilnú prácu, využíva služby mimo dátového centra spoločnosti a cloud. To všetko v konečnom dôsledku zvyšuje rýchlosť, flexibilitu a znižuje náklady, avšak nie na úkor zabezpečenia. 

Classic IT

Modern IT

The benefits of IT modernization in your company

Moving away from outdated software and hardware solutions and consolidating systems and workflows in favor of automated and innovative solutions brings many benefits to businesses. 

Digital transformation enablement and acceleration

• Infrastructure and development oriented on flexible micro-services
• Rapid setup, development and usability
• Readiness for future cloud migration

Performance, Scalability, Availability

• Flexible usage of HW resources
• On-demand or automatic scalability
• High level availability

Full Stack Lifecycle Management

• Instant readiness for developers
• Driven by microservices architecture and CI/CD mechanism

Systems and Applications Modernisation

• Gradual adoption to modern IT platforms
• Enabled successive modernisation of rigid monolithic systems into modern and flexible micro-services components

Cloud Migration Readiness

• Standardised system and application architecture
• On-premise/public/hybrid cloud readiness
• Cloud Migration ability


• Cloud nature experience
• Simple management of the whole lifecycle
• Automated deployment
• Robust strait-forward operation

Outstanding Time To Market of IT solutions

• Fast IT solutions delivery for business
• Automated delivery without systems downtime
• DevOps based optimisation

Zero Touch, Zero Downtime

• Automated updates and deployment
• No downtime during deployment
• Zero Touch operations


To help your company modernize IT as efficiently as possible, we use DevOps for software delivery.This approach to software delivery helps us deliver services to you extremely quickly, accommodate changes and requirements during development, and streamline communication between teams. It is a prerequisite for creating a modern IT infrastructure of the company that is ready to respond to rapid technological changes. This not only supports a business but is a direct part of it.

Why should you modernize your IT?

Responding to rapidly changing technological requirements and digitization is complicated and limited with traditional IT approaches. Modern IT is ready for possible further changes so that their implementation is fast, simple and efficient. So your IT Modernization is about business survival, its competitiveness, and its ability to constantly innovate and move forward.

We have experience with IT modernization in companies with complex infrastructure and thousands of employees. Do not hesitate to entrust us with your IT modernization.