Cloudification of the controlling solution for Slovak Telekom, T-mobile Czech Republic (Deutsche Telekom)

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The Customer - Slovak Telekom, T-mobile Czech Republic

Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile CZ are among the largest multimedia operators on the Slovak and Czech markets. They are part of the multinational Deutsche Telekom Group, the world's leading telecommunications company, providing services to more than 180 million customers in 50 countries around the world. The companies present themselves as technology leaders, offering innovative solutions and the latest technological trends, drawing on international expertise to satisfy even the most demanding customers. 

Being innovative and a technological leader requires constant progress, stability and, above all, a provider that operates at the highest professional level in its segment. This was also the reason for the successful and continuous cooperation in the development of digitalisation and IT modernisation.

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The Issue

department. The use of a new controlling solution for HR management required independence from the existing infrastructure due to the handling of sensitive employee data. The need for the solution also stemmed from the need for significantly more flexibility in deploying the solution, managing and implementing the changes made in a timeframe of weeks/months.

The requirements for the solution included:

  • accessible only to the HR department,
  • easy to use and maintain, for the HR department only,
  • minimising the cost of upgrading the technical infrastructure,
  • online capability and rapid scalability for application development.
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The Solution

The ideal solution (which met both the technical and business requirements) was to migrate to MS Azure cloud infrastructure. An innovative project was undertaken to cloudify not only existing solutions but also new ones.

The MS Azure services used (Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Cloud Services, Azure Blob Store, Azure SQL) became the sole property of the HR Controlling department, without the need for IT resource management, maintenance and operational expertise. The PaaS solution offers no fixed costs and low operational costs as no CAL licence is required. The setup, configuration and migration of the solution, including documentation and training, was comprehensively carried out by the vendor. Implementation included object-level security with the ability to manage access at the organisational structure level.

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Results and benefits

The implementation of the cloudification mainly led to a fast preparation of the prototype, migration and subsequent change management. HR controlling can map the necessary changes quickly and efficiently within weeks/months without affecting IT operations. Of course, seamless online scalability is completely within the HR department's sphere of influence.