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The Customer - Jaguar Land Rover

The newest and most modern plant of Jaguar Land Rover (JRL) is currently located in Nitra, Slovakia and is one of the most innovative car manufacturers in the region. They are also transforming their innovation into their approach to digitalization and IT systems. 

This is one of the reasons why we entered into a collaboration where we developed a unique problem-solving tool for JLR, which is a highly effective answer to common complications and problems that the company's employees face in their everyday work. 

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The Issue

During production, JLR employees encounter problems of various kinds at different levels - from minor complications to manufacturing defects in cars. Until recently, all problems in the company were solved using MS Excel. However, this method was quite limiting and inflexible.

Our goal was to design a solution that, on the one hand, responds flexibly and effectively to the requirements for solving problems of a particular department or division, and, on the other hand, meets the requirements of a modern IT system in SaaS mode. 

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The Solution

Our proposed solution is based on the principles of modern IT. It is operated in the cloud as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It meets the technological requirements for quick and easy problem registration, while being fully responsive (employees can connect via smartphone or tablet without functional limitations). It also includes a collaboration tool used by employees from different departments (quality, production, engineering) so that they can work together immediately when problems arise. It goes without saying that the "problem solver" is notified to monitor the status of any issue and its comprehensive resolution. The solution also includes tools to find the root cause of a problem based on analysis and the 5-Why method.

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Results and benefits

We have created an excellent tool to support the digitalization of the problem-solving process, which is currently used by several dozen employees in JRL's quality, production and design departments. The system meets all company standards while meeting the requirements of the most advanced IT technologies. Thanks to the system, more than 55% of problems are solved in less than 5 days.